Carers’ Week theme announced as ‘A life of my own’

The organisers of Carers’ Week 2010 have chosen the theme ‘A life of my own’ to enable carers to talk about aspects of life that most people take for granted. These may include family occasions, going on holiday, a meal out, or just relaxing for an evening with no worries or commitments.

Carers’ Week 2010 will run from 14th to 20th June, and during that time carers will be encouraged to express what they need to have a life of their own such as access to relevant and practical information to help with their caring role; an opportunity to take a break when necessary; support at times of crisis; and financial assistance.

At Crossroads Care in the Vale we would love to hear about carers’ own lives and what sort of help would make a difference. We are planning on featuring several carers’ experiences on the website during Carers’ Week itself, and we would love to hear from you if you are willing to take part. You are also welcome to leave a comment below.

More information on Carers’ Week can be found at