C.A.L.L offers 24-hour support and information for mental distress

C.A.L.L provides a 24 hour Wales-wide mental health telephone helpline service. The helpline offers emotional support to people suffering mental distress, as well as their friends, carers and relatives. Contact can also be made via the text service and information on services can also be found on the website.

Sometimes you may just need someone to talk to. It can help to discuss your fears and feelings with someone who understands, but is not emotionally involved.

C.A.L.L has a comprehensive database of services, both statutory and voluntary, which may be able to help. Services can be local to you or national contacts can be provided, if needed. 

C.A.L.L. can also send help leaflets to you free of charge. Calls are free and you do not need to give any personal details to obtain help or information.

Who can C.A.L.L Help?

People suffering from any type of abuse as well as their friends, carers and relatives; anyone concerned that a vulnerable adult may have suffered abuse in the past or is currently being abuse; parents who may have concerns that their child may be suicidal or has made a suicide attempt; parents who have lost a child through suicide.

C.A.L.L. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including bank holidays. All calls are free and confidential.

Freephone: 0800 132 737 or text HELP and your question to to 81066.