“Business as usual” as Crossroads Care merges with Princess Royal Trust

Crossroads Care and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers have announced their intention to merge.

Plans have been approved by both boards after a programme of full due diligence. Subject to remaining formal and regulatory steps, the new charity will be operational from April 2012. A name for the new organisation is yet to be chosen and a chief executive to be appointed. A public launch date will soon be announced.

The Princess Royal has agreed to be President of the new charity, a role she has held at the Trust since it was formed in 1991. The charity will have the combined strengths of both Crossroads Care and the Princess Royal Trust. Forming a new charity will provide oportunities to launch increased services and fundraising initiatives, and to reach more carers.

The two charities have a strong history of successful collaboration and in supporting carers. By creating a new national charity they will be able to build on past successes and create a united and stronger network and voice.

The merger is of the two national bodies, so services provided by the two existing networks will continue to be provided by local independent network members.

Fiona Guthrie, Manager of Crossroads Care in the Vale, is encouraged by the merger and feels the new larger charity will have greater influence to promote the needs of carers across the UK. Fiona added, “Although our scheme will not change in purpose or name, and will continue to provide a high level of support, we also look forward to developing stronger links with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers here in the Vale of Glamorgan”.