People living to 105 doubles in eight years

Official figures have revealed that the number of people living to 105 in Britain has almost double in just eight years. The Office for National Statistics found 640 Britons have reached this age or even greater, compared with just 350 in 2002.

Experts predict that the country’s ageing population will continue to grow older, with increasing numbers living far longer that their parents and grandparents.  But although the extra years will be celebrated by most, many will not have saved enough to fund a long retirement or ill-health in old age.

Increasing numbers are continuing to work after their official retirement date,  as they find returns on pensions fall short on what they had expected. Figures show the majority of the elderly are women who live longer than men – with many wives surviving their husbands by years or even decades.

Taken from Mature Times, January 2013