Important Consultation on Services to Carers

Cardiff-CouncilThere is currently a joint consultation between the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff Councils alongside the Cardiff and The Vale Health Board on the types of services provided to unpaid carers.  The six week consultation runs from 17 January 2013 to 28th February 2013.  This is a summary of the consultation.  Enclosed areC&V UHB logo theresponse forms.

Carers provide the majority of care to those in the community and without their support our health and social services would collapse.  Our intention is to use funding as best as vale-logo_11possible to ensure value for money is obtained for carers services across Cardiff and The Vale.

The Vale Of Glamorgan Council strives to continually improve the support to carers.  Both Cardiff and The Vale have a ‘Carers Budget’.  The majority of these budgets are provided to the third sector to provide specific projects and in The Vale they also provide necessary support staff.  It is possible that through the consultation process some of these services will cease and some will change.  However, we will ensure that the funding is used as efficiently as possible to meet carers’ needs.   From previous feedback we know that breaks for carers and information and advice are the most important things for carers, especially at the beginning of the caring role.

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