‘Decrease’ in UK Dementia Risk

Older People ResizeResearch published recently in the Lancet suggests that the risk of older people in the UK developing dementia is decreasing.

The study focused on three areas of England – Cambridgeshire, Nottingham and Newcastle – where dementia rates were compared between people born twenty years apart.

Experts had predicted that 8% of people aged over 65 would have developed dementia by 2011. However, the figure for 2011 was just over 6%. Researchers believe improvement in public health could have largely influenced the results.

Dr Eric Karran of Alzheimer’s Research UK said that, “…general health and health management has improved to the extent that it has helped reduce dementia risk, which is encouraging news…”. Dr Karran added that, “this study clearly demonstrates that the risk of dementia can change with time, and for future birth cohorts it will be important to track, for example, the effects of the increase of obesity in the general population”.

For further details, visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-23326061