Counselling Service offers support to Carers

Susie offers confidential counselling to Carers

Susie offers confidential counselling to Carers

Caring for a relative or friend who has dementia or late-life depression can be challenging and stressful. It is common – and normal – for Carers to experience a range of feelings including sadness, frustration and even anger. This is not a reflection on the Carer’s ability to cope, but a natural reaction to adapting to, and coping with, a sense of loss and an ever changing situation.

Crossroads Care in the Vale recognises the importance of emotional support for Carers of those with dementia by providing a free counselling service. Carers often say that they avoid confiding in family members or friends as they do not wish to ‘burden’ them. By attending counselling sessions, the Carer has an opportunity to talk in confidence and honesty about the difficulties they are facing in their caring role, without feeling judged or even criticised. The Carer can use the counselling sessions to express difficult feelings and to discuss practical ways to improve the situation for themselves and their loved one.

Counselling sessions are held in a private room either at the Crossroads Care offices in Penarth, or at our day centre on Barry Island. If the Carer is unable to travel to either venue, counselling can also be arranged in their home. Our Counsellor, Susie Moreton, is fully qualified with a PGDip in Therapeutic Counselling and has extensive experience in Health and Social Care.

For an informal chat about the counselling service, or to make an appointment, please contact Susie on (029) 2070 0057 (option 6), or email