Satisfaction Questionnaire 2014

Crossroads is a fantastic support network for both mum and I, sharing the responsibilities which can at times be overwhelming and frustrating. I don’t know what I would do without Crossroads!

Carol Fford



As part of our ongoing appraisal of Crossroads Care in the Vale’s services, questionnaires were sent to carers in August and September 2014, of which 49% were completed and returned. We have included a range of comments from carers and professionals.

The range of services that Crossroads provides, from the point of diagnosis to the end of the caring role, enables many Carers to remain in employment. The comments provided by those in employment are indicated as follows: ¨¨ = Full time employment ¨ = Part time employment.

The quotes in italics reflect the specific comments carers have offered that suggest their relative would have been unable to remain in the community had it not been for the support of Crossroads Care.


What difference has the Crossroads service made to you?

¨¨ Crossroads has removed the worry at lunchtime of making sure my father eats lunch.

¨ Crossroads has taken a huge amount of pressure off me. I am very happy with the service.

¨¨ Crossroads gives support and the peace of mind to know that mum is being well looked after whilst I’m otherwise occupied (work/doing other things). Crossroads are vital to us, to maintain mum’s independence in her own home. Their support enables me to work/conduct other aspects of my life with peace of mind. The service they provide is immensely supportive and caring, my life is much less stressful trying to provide a full time caring role whilst trying to live a normal life myself.

¨ It has enabled me to have time with my children and my husband who works away.

A great relief to know a carer is coming in each morning after a difficult night.

¨¨ Crossroads has given mum more of a social life and has made our relationship much easier.

Crossroads has given me a day’s break per week.

¨ Crossroads has made a huge difference by giving me the emotional support I needed to deal with the sudden changes in our lives caused by mum’s recent illness. Crossroads support for me as a carer helped me to cope better with the problems that mums discharge from hospital presented. Along with the support of other agencies, Crossroads played a big part in helping me to clarify my thoughts to seek an appropriate care package for mum. Crossroads helped me to say “No I can’t do that as well!!” and to plan to return to my own life as far as possible. Crossroads has absolutely helped to relieve my feelings of stress and isolation and has helped me to find my feet again, quicker than I may have otherwise done in what was a chaotic and stressful situation. The expertise on dementia offered by Crossroads is invaluable to families like us who find ourselves suddenly, without warning, dealing with dementia. There was no gradual decline with mum, her problems started after an acute illness. Crossroads threw us a lifeline whilst we all adjusted to our new world.

¨ I know my relative is seen daily which gives me peace of mind.

¨ Crossroads has given me time to care for my disabled son.

Crossroads has enabled my parents to live at home and manage their medicines, food and chores. Crossroads has enabled dad to cope with mum and manage his own illnesses. It has also helped my dad not to feel depressed and isolated as he has people/care workers to talk to who are friendly and familiar. I am less worried about my parents because I know someone will be there every day.

Crossroads has given me peace of mind knowing someone will call on my mother on those days when I am a carer elsewhere.

Crossroads has enabled me to have some leisure time to myself.

I know I can depend on Crossroads and I’m not such a burden on our families.

Crossroads has given me access to people who really understand the condition and associated problems.

¨¨ Without being unkind or uncaring, it means I can go off to work without having to first divert thoughts to the caring role.

If it wasn’t for Crossroads and people like Susie Moreton and Fiona, I would not have been able to cope with my situation, they are angels in disguise. I wish I had gone to Crossroads sooner than I did and I could have had the support they give me now. The support I receive from Crossroads has most definitely relieved my stress and sense of isolation. I would be totally near breaking point without them. Crossroads have treated me like family; they listen to me, laugh with me, help and advise me, nothing is too much trouble for them. Crossroads have given me more information on Dementia than anyone else ever has.

¨¨ I wouldn’t be able to manage without the support of Crossroads.

¨¨ Crossroads enable mum to maintain contact with other people, mum enjoys this.

To a certain extent it’s still very stressful and I do feel isolated. Crossroads has allowed me to have time at home to get on with chores as when my husband is home he always wants to be going out. Crossroads also allows me to go out shopping with my granddaughter. Crossroads do a very good service for people with dementia and their carers.

Crossroads has relieved my stress and sense of isolation to a very great degree and has relieved me from feeling tension mostly. Crossroads achieves what it sets out to do and I for one am eternally grateful for that.

Crossroads care enabled me to go on holiday last year. I have one day a week break from caring, meeting other carers having a fun time at events.

Huge peace of mind knowing that two days a week my relative is cared for and there is someone she can turn to in the week during visits.

Crossroads care has worked so well I may extend care during the winter months. Mother cannot be left alone; therefore we have peace of mind when we are out. Crossroads has provided some respite which is much needed.

¨ I cannot manage otherwise, it means I can keep mum independent. It means I can relax more and care for my husband who has health issues. Without Crossroads mum would have to be in residential care. Seeing a variety of people also keeps mum on her toes and means she can go out.

It helps that Crossroads calls in five mornings a week to give medication.

I now don’t have to visit my relative so many times in the week. The communication and support we have received from Norma and staff has been excellent.

Crossroads makes a good difference-I am able to meet friends without worrying.

Crossroads provides me with a bit of respite.

Without Crossroads support, mum would definitely have had to go into residential care, rather than live at home with support. Mum cannot manage her medication by herself and is frequently vulnerable and confused. I am completely confident in Crossroads ability to support mum. For myself I can relax knowing mum is receiving the support she needs. I can visit weekly and my other relatives who live away can visit when they can.

¨ Crossroads was a life saver, especially towards the end before mum went into residential care. Crossroads allowed mum to stay with us longer. I don’t think we could have managed without Crossroads help. The breaks Crossroads provided were essential for me to meet up with friends.

The personal care provided by Crossroads is getting more and more important. When Crossroads support is not available I find it increasingly difficult to cope and residential care would be a very real prospect. Crossroads’ support has made a major contribution towards keeping my wife at home.

Crossroads were a great support to me but I was caring at a distance. My mother passed away earlier this year and I will always be grateful for the kind support I have received from Crossroads during the past 5-6 years. Thank you.

¨ The guidance, information and support I have received has always been excellent. The knowledge that someone was at the end of a phone call was always reassuring. The support helped me to not feel so inadequate.

Crossroads care has really helped me.

¨ Crossroads has given me invaluable support, both as additional companionship for mum and myself and a source of help and guidance. Mum was able to be discharged sooner from hospital as I had additional support available from Crossroads as I work part-time. The additional support network I receive reassures me that I can cope with the challenges ahead. Mum has developed new friendships, maintained her communication skills and retained her independence (go shopping, social, walking etc). I can work without guilt or worry and complete my own family responsibilities.

Without Crossroads support, my wife would have been in residential care much sooner. Crossroads delayed my wife’s admission to hospital by some months. Crossroads gave me days off from my caring responsibilities. Knowing someone else was prepared to help and give advice was a great support for me.

¨¨ I know that there is always support and somebody to answer any questions I have about my relative’s care and well-being.

¨ Crossroads releases essential time to spend on trying to keep my business going and to deal with personal matters and household chores.

Crossroads gives me peace of mind to know someone is calling on my relative when I’m away. As my relative’s condition deteriorates I would anticipate that the number of visits will increase. Crossroads gives me a day free to do as I please.

I don’t know what I would have done without Crossroads!

¨ Knowing that mum is cared for by such wonderful, caring staff is invaluable especially as we all live away from her.

¨¨ Crossroads support has a positive impact on mother’s well-being. It also addresses concerns we have about my mother’s ability to care for herself and to take medication. I can be confident that my mother is receiving professional and caring support three times a week when she might otherwise need support from the family.

Crossroads has enabled me to spend a little less time caring.

Crossroads has taken on a lot of the responsibility.

¨ I have less worry about mum being home on her own between carers going in. Crossroads has given me peace of mind.

¨ ¨ Crossroads have been an amazing help-absolutely excellent. Support from Crossroads has reduced risk to my wife and has improved her quality of life. We would have kept going it alone without Crossroads, but their help has made it much easier and happier. Crossroads has enabled me to focus on my work without worrying about my wife and to have to do household things and to get some rest/relaxation.

¨ I cannot be with my parents full time as I live too far away and have no other siblings. I can ask Crossroads for help if there is a problem and they keep in regular contact and inform me if there is a problem and they help to sort it out. All care workers have a friendly manner and my parents are glad to see them, they are all helpful and proactive.


Please comment on your experience of Crossroads care in the home: 

Crossroads Care Services in the Home Excellent Good Average Poor No Response
Ease of contact with office 86%  12% 2% 0% 0%
Adaptable to your changing needs 85% 13% 2% 0% 0%
Punctuality/reliability of care staff 74% 21% 5% 0% 0%
Completion of tasks as per Care Plan 70%  25% 5% 0% 0%
Empathic understanding of staff 82% 16% 2% 0% 0%
Kind & caring nature of staff 84% 11% 5% 0% 0%
Staff Knowledge & understanding of dementia 74% 20% 6% 0% 0%
Training and competence of staff  69% 31% 0% 0% 0%
Respect shown to your relative 76% 12% 2% 0% 0%
Preserving your relative’s dignity 84% 14% 2% 0% 0%


Comments or concerns about Crossroads care in the home:

¨ Crossroads is an excellent service which provides me with time to work and care for my house and animals. Crossroads is extremely reliable and caring.

¨ I have less worry and am able to do social things when I’m not in work.

Crossroads enables me to go out, to do shopping, attend appointments and church activities. The carers are a great help and will do the odd task at home while I am out.

¨¨ Mum has two days per week in a more stimulating environment where I know she is safe.

My relative enjoys his day at the day centre and he is happy to attend.

¨ I don’t have to be around 24/7; it would be nice if weekend services were available.

It provided me with two free days to help with other family-young and old. Having the care workers call gives my mother the opportunity to meet people outside family and make friends, it keeps her alert to have people visiting.

It gives me a certain amount of freedom and peace of mind. We both enjoy the company of the care workers.

¨¨ I had hoped the carers might have been able to engage my mother in a hygiene routine but my wife and I have not succeeded in this area either. This covers an element of care I couldn’t cover. All things considered I would not wish to revert to trying to manage without the morning calls.

¨¨ Only good-I wouldn’t have managed without Crossroads and my mother would be in residential care. This gives me a break from the caring role. Crossroads is wonderful.

Just keep going PLEASE.

Although I don’t live at home with mum, I know I can always turn to Crossroads to give me help. I am very happy with all that Crossroads does.

It enables my husband and I during the Summer months to get out together, whether for shopping, walking or just going out for a cup of coffee-together!

¨ I have recommended Crossroads to others as they are so efficient, reliable and Norma is fantastic.

Crossroads supports my mother’s daily routine and this has enabled her to stay out of residential care and to have much longer at home than would otherwise have been possible. Staff are very observant of mum and contact me straight away to raise any concerns. They are very patient and tolerant of mum’s often cantankerous attitudes and behaviours.

My wife loves all of the care workers, she is a “people person” and enjoys the variety and differences in the care workers. Using Crossroads to help my wife in the mornings and evenings, coupled with Ty Hapus as a drop in centre, gives me a good level of independence. Also the sitting service twice a week is a god send.

It enables me to have a few hours with friends for lunch.

¨ Mum and I are delighted with the services provided and can only praise the quality of caring given on all levels. With a family and home of my own, in addition to working three days a week it enables me to maintain my life style. It is important for mum to socialise with other people and to maintain her physical and mental faculties. Care workers, Debbie and Maureen, are brilliant with mum, who has developed a trust with them; mum enjoys spending time with them, going shopping, visiting places and socialising. This will probably increase shortly as mum requires more care i.e. meal preparation.

¨¨ Everything in the home is always clean and tidy which my relative is very proud of as that is how it’s always been.

The support offered is extremely good and will enable my relative to stay in his own home for as long as possible where he prefers to be.

¨ Extremely professional care from Liz and Tina in the office and the carers in the home, nothing is too much trouble. A massive thank you. Mum could not continue living at home, which is her wish, without Crossroads.

Crossroads has taken away the strain of showering my husband and the “girls” are such a delight. It would be helpful if Crossroads could always inform us of any change they have to make regarding the time of arriving at our home on the day before the visit.

It means I have to spend less hours myself caring. In the past I have ticked all of these questions at a higher level but this year I feel the service has not matched previous years. I appreciate that it is difficult at times to provide continuity of members of your staff but I think it is vital in ensuring that standards are met. It is when different carers to usual attend calls that things are missed.

Crossroads gives me a little bit of time to myself, they are lovely, kind and caring people.

¨¨ Crossroads are fabulous. It gives me a break from constant responsibility, thank you!


Other services for clients provided by Crossroads

Excellent Good Average Poor
St John Day centre, Barry Island 74% 26%
Lunch Club (Barry) 33% 67%
Western Vale Group 100%


Other services provided for clients by Crossroads

¨ It was really helpful to see how much mum enjoyed day centre.

A day’s respite is a great help for attending appointments and for attempting to socialise with friends. I feel it’s good for my relative to be with other people while at day centre and not just dependent on me. Day centre is generally very good and a great help.

¨ My mother has her otherwise unmet needs for company provided for.

¨ The company at the day centre is beneficial to my relative as she likes to be with other people.

My relative looks forward to going out and mixing with other people.

I know my relative is safe, clean and fed when he is at day centre. He has company and stimulation away from the home environment with just the two of us.

¨¨ The day centre keeps mum from being alone, except for the care workers and family who visit her every evening.

The day centre gives me a great deal of relief from my husband’s sometimes challenging behaviour. Before he goes and after he returns he is full of complaint, I do, however, know he enjoys it when he is there.

When my mother is in day centre this makes the day stress free and relaxing. My relative is able to meet other people at day centre and has a break from me! My relative is very positive about day centre, she always comes home happy.

Day centre is fundamental to maintaining mum’s sanity and routine. Mum’s major complaint is that she is bored, lonely and without purpose. The day centre meets all of these concerns and improves her spirits. This service is vital and excellent.

Crossroads allows me to have some freedom on the days my husband visits the day centre, when I can go shopping or attend to things which I could not do otherwise. He enjoys the meals, the social activities and the quiz. He tells me about what he has done when he gets home.

Although I have not used these, due to my mum not living in this area, there needs to be more of these services available for carers to have a break.

¨ Dad going to day centre has helped me very much and improves dad’s social and cognitive skills.

Relaxation from caring for me. Meeting other people for my wife. I can’t fault any of it.

Day centre gave him company, structure, challenges, food, a change of scenery and people. Also a bus ride to see his surroundings.

I was free from my caring role and able to undertake activities when my relative was at day centre.

¨ The day centre provides social contact and a change of environment for my relative. Excellent work done by all at St John day centre. I have no criticisms, I am very appreciative of all Crossroads does.

My husband enjoys his day out at St John day centre so much. Just knowing he is happy is so important, he comments on what a lovely group of people they are. Staff are so friendly and helpful.

¨¨ It means my mother has hot meals and company on the three days concerned. In addition to the meals, my mother very much looks forward to, and enjoys, the company and contact provided by the day centre.

It means I don’t have to make provision for a hot meal that day. I know that mum has had a social activity. It is good for mum to socialise with people her own age and enables her to do an activity outside the home and family.

It has given my relative interaction with other people.

¨ The Day centre provides social interaction and mum seems to enjoy going. I know mum is well looked after at day centre, it’s an excellent service that mum seems to enjoy.

I am very grateful for their services and support. The ladies that pick up my husband and drop him off are very friendly and caring.


Crossroads Counselling Service and Social/Support Groups for Carers

(facilitated by Susie Moreton)

Significantly Moderately Not at all
Has the Counselling support you have received improved your well being? 94% 6%
Do you feel this has benefited the way that you relate to your relative? 62% 38%


Satisfaction with therapeutic/support groups

Excellent Good Average Poor
Barry 50% 34% 16%
Penarth 58% 27% 15%
Western 100%
CAMEO 100%
Evening 50% 50%


¨ Excellent, timely, constructive, patient and very helpful in seeing my way forward. I am less anxious and sleeping better and have shed much of the guilt that was affecting my ability to enjoy life. I am more patient and no longer feel like I am ‘swimming through treacle’ on bad days with mum.

¨ I have had counselling and enjoy the support group. I feel less stressed. I had an hour to vent feelings and feel more able to cope; having a support helps a lot even when it’s not actually being used!!!

I have not used this service yet but it’s nice to know it is there if needed.

The counselling service is vital, it was provided very quickly when I was desperate for help; I can say how I feel without being judged.

The Easter and Christmas events are the only REAL relaxation apart from the family meal on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

I have support from Susie Moreton, she is a very warm, caring and lovely person and very professional. After every session I am much calmer and able to handle my husband’s dementia better each time. I always feel better after I have been to counselling. I cannot imagine what I would be like now if I hadn’t have walked into the office that day, they helped me immensely, and put everything into perspective. I cannot say enough on this form about the excellent work they do. Susie is my guardian angel.

Yes, it’s good to meet other carers and discuss shared experiences other than appearing boring to friends and family (who are brilliant by the way).

The Christmas and Easter events were fun, good entertainment and lovely buffet. My husband loved the music.

Crossroads was a great help to me, although I was caring from a distance. It was helpful to be able to discuss similar concerns and problems with other carers in an informal setting. It was reassuring to know that there was someone i.e. counsellor/facilitator I could ring and talk to when I needed support and reassurance.

I received individual counselling approximately 4-5 years ago which was most beneficial. The counselling helped me to focus on ‘myself’ during the sessions. The groups were helpful, as it made me realise that I was not alone in dealing with the issues/concerns concerned with dementia and that similar problems arose with other carers. I met many lovely people. The Christmas and Easter events made me feel quite humble and special as it was directed at me and other carers.

¨ On a counselling/advice point of view, this has helped greatly and has helped me to know that there is someone out there who actually cares and understands the situation. I am already receiving and benefiting greatly from the monthly newsletter.

It’s great to enjoy the social event.

¨ It gave my father another social life, events to look forward to i.e. the Christmas Party and Easter Party. Also the summer outing was always another event that he enjoyed. This made a huge difference. Dad always enjoyed going to a party and social events. I feel these are very important for those with the condition as I think it gives them a sense of belonging. All support I have received over the last 5 years has been first class. Attending the groups helped me meet other people who are in a similar position to myself and to discuss problems and difficulties.

The Christmas and Easter Events were a nice change; my husband enjoyed the meal and the music. Crossroads have been very kind and understanding.

¨ Counselling helped me to regain stability and make informed decisions, extremely supportive. Counselling was great-informal and friendly, I was made to feel comfortable and found the sessions informative, reassuring and sometimes challenging but ultimately empowering! Communicating with a trained professional was completely different to communicating with a friend or relative as there was no emotional attachment. I now have a better understanding of dementia which ensures I have more patience and less frustration and stress. Without a doubt, it enabled me to cope at a stressful time and prioritise my thought processes into order. I regained my strength and determination and confidence. Indirectly, my behaviour affects my mother and her stress levels, by remaining calm and supportive provides invaluable benefits to her mental and physical welfare.

I had one session with Susie which did help me to talk and concentrate on difficult choices and especially care for myself. I felt it a strain taking my husband to the Christmas and Easter events as I was over conscious of his behaviour. The entertainment was always excellent and he really enjoyed them.

Always understanding and helpful. I didn’t really enjoy the Christmas event because I felt uneasy.

I have received individual counselling and I feel now that I can deal with the situation better now than when I started. Attending the social group has improved my well being quite a lot. It was nice to meet other people who are in the “same boat” at the Christmas and Easter event as before I thought I was the only one.

Attending the social group is good, just to be able to talk to people who have experienced and understand the situation. It would be nice to have it more than once a month. At present I am coping but it’s reassuring to know that Crossroads is there if I need them.

Excellent, attending a support/social group has improved my well being.


Are there any other services that you would like Crossroads Care in the Vale (EMI) to develop?

Night sitters for when relatives are away

My relative to be taken out more from day centre on short walks

Day centre and other services in the Western Vale

Clone everyone of them (care workers) and we could adopt them


Other agencies’ services (not Crossroads)

19 carers who returned the questionnaires had previous experience of other organisations providing a service to their dependent relative. Below are the opinions they shared about other agencies; the figures are in percentages.

Excellent Good Average Poor
Ease of contact with office 25% 50% 19% 6%
Adaptable to your changing needs 20% 20% 53% 7%
Punctuality/reliability of care staff 37% 20% 29% 14%
Completion of tasks as per Care Plan 33% 42% 25%
Empathy of staff 36% 43% 14% 7%
Kind & caring nature of staff 33% 34% 33%
Knowledge of dementia 14% 42% 22% 22%
Training and competence of staff 18% 36% 18% 28%
Respect shown to your relative 31% 50%      19%
Preserving your relative’s dignity 34% 53% 13%

¨ Early days in a new care plan but so far the agency used have been excellent and a pleasure to deal with.

¨ I have no real knowledge although mum reports less satisfaction.

The staff themselves are caring and competent but they are let down and are being demoralised by incompetent and uncaring management.

¨¨ The previous agency was not offering a specific service for those with mental health problems.

Communication between the office and their staff is not good when cancelling appointments, however staff are understanding, positive and flexible.

¨ Compared to other agencies, the Crossroads staff generally appeared much more able to respond to a person with dementia, I felt they received more training.

¨ Lots of problems on an ongoing basis (ignorance of drugs/medication needs and no initiative used). Care workers always rushing off, some had never cooked “fish” and I had to instruct than how to do this. Staff are lazy, taking short cuts, not welcoming in the home. Let down by Social worker, as recommendation from hospital was for Crossroads to be involved. The difference from other agencies-Crossroads stands out greatly. I wish this had been available to my parents as I believe they would have managed to live at home much longer and would have benefited from having care from people who understand Dementia and this would have greatly improved their self esteem.

The carers who came to my home for two hours in the evening, twice a month, were very good.

Relationship with social services was spasmodic and seemed to be a box ticking exercise.

I am dealing with my relative and accepting his dementia much better now that a domiciliary care agency is supporting him.

¨ The issues I have with the carers are not their fault, I believe the individual carers do their best but are badly managed/trained. I don’t think they have any dementia training and poor timekeeping is down to bad scheduling by management.


Other Crossroads’ services for clients

I think Crossroads are providing an excellent service; ease of contact with the office and pleasant and caring staff at the end of the phone,

I/we are very happy with the care we have received from Crossroads. In the last few months it has made a great difference to me mentally. Thank you.

Crossroads provides a wonderful service and the staff are exceptional people.

My family and I wish to thank all of the care workers and managers at Crossroads Care for looking after mum so well and for enabling her to have a good time. She always came back smiling.

¨ Thank you for your monthly email newsletter, it is reassuring to know the assistance that is available if required. Crossroads has a strong, robust support network which is invaluable to both client and carer.

My husband is now in residential care. I was facilitated by Crossroads help and support right until the very end.

¨ ¨ Just to say how wonderful all the staff have been. Thank you for your help and support and kindness.

¨¨ I do so hope your funding continues to enable you to carry on providing such an essential service.


Feedback from professionals within the statutory services

Questionnaires were sent to staff at Social Services and the Memory Team at Llandough Hospital, from whom we receive most of our referrals for care, also to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Their responses (%) are represented by the following table:

Excellent Good Average Poor
Communication with the office 75% 25%
Keeping you informed of issues 75% 25%
Flexibility regarding provision of care 50% 50%
Punctuality/reliability of Care Workers 75% 25%
Completion of tasks as per care plan 100%
Knowledge & competence of Care Workers 15% 75%
Support & understanding for client & carer 75% 25%


Comments from the professionals within the statutory services:

Anecdotal respite all very positive. The standard of care and flexibility of provision provided by Crossroads is a standard that other agencies seldom achieve.

 Antony Bayer

Professor of Geriatric Medicine,

Memory Team & Cardiff & Vale UHB


Crossroads have provided an excellent service to service users. Day centre provides a useful facility. The managers are very knowledgeable, if there is a problem they try and solve it. Crossroads is good at keeping all involved informed.

Gill McQuade

Social Worker, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services


The CAMEO club is welcomed by many past carers. Counselling is valued by many carers I work with. Keep up the good work.

Matt Williams

Social Worker, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services


Is there anything we could be doing better? 

You don’t seem to be able to provide a service to outlying areas of the Vale but Crossroads is okay for Barry and Penarth



I wish there was greater availability for domiciliary care. I have concern re: the high demand of the day centre service.

Gill McQuade

Social Worker, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services


Crossroads need to drop the “must have a carer/relative” element to the service.



I appreciate there is always flexibility, however due to service users locations, this can hinder the process of care arrangements. Increase care worker capacity to cover all geographical areas. Care worker resource should increase to ensure demands are met. Consider increasing weekend cover at the day centre. Allow drop in facility to provide provision that is more flexible according to client/carer need/demands. Less TASK specific i.e. day centre provision providing flexible hours?

Matt Williams

Social Worker, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services


How do we compare with other agencies?

Crossroads is better at tailoring support in difficult circumstances.



Crossroads not only focuses on the individual, but their carers/family and they acknowledge the importance of their role.

 Matt Williams

Social Worker, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services


And finally…..

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the care team, the counsellor, the office staff and not least, all the highly valued care workers, I would like to extend my thanks to all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire. Your comments are greatly appreciated and enable the service to underpin the positive aspects of our work and reflect on a few areas where we can make improvements.

Fiona Guthrie

Scheme Manager