Satisfaction Survey 2016

“Crossroads stands head and shoulders above other care agencies. All staff members treated my mother with care, compassion and a sense of humour.”


As part of our ongoing appraisal of Crossroads Care in the Vale’s services, questionnaires were sent to carers in August 2016, of which 54%were completed and returned. We have included a range of comments from carers and professionals.
The range of services that Crossroads provides, from the point of diagnosis to the end of the caring role, enables many Carers to remain in employment. The comments provided by those in employment are indicated as follows: •• = Full time employment • = Part time employment.
The quotes in italics reflect the specific comments carers have offered that suggest their relative would have been unable to remain in the community had it not been for the support of Crossroads Care.

What difference has the Crossroads service made to you?

Excellent Care.
I feel not as isolated. Gives me a break for a couple of hours.
Allows me to do things with own husband who has health issues.
It has enabled me to get back to doing things that I had been prevented from carrying out.
The crossroads service has enabled me to relax and know my husband is happily cared for.
I still take and pick him up at different places.
This enables him to get out and about.
¨¨ My partner has carers but he is much happier when he attends Crossroads.
I would not be able to care for my partner and work full time so help is invaluable.
I know my partner is safe and happy and I don’t spend my day worrying. I can concentrate on my business.
It enables me to do housework/shopping and earn a living without worrying about my partner and the time I spend with him allows us to do nice things together.
I do not have to worry about my husband whilst he is with Crossroads Care.
2 days per week in day centre let us have a break and gives time for own children to have time with both Mum and Dad.
Crossroads has taken away the stress of the balance of being a full time carer and bringing up 3 children under 14 years.
Increases independence. It has certainly relieved responsibilities in terms of transport/caring. Support from Crossroads has relieved stress of caring/driving. I know my relative is in good hands so I can relax for a few hours.
Crossroads services are excellent and are vital to the dementia community as there is so little provided by the local authority/NHS in the vale.
Provided an invaluable back up and support. In two ways: Practically the contact with crossroads has been very good indeed for my mother and secondly for me the knowledge that there is this help available and more if required is invaluable.
¨¨ All staff were always friendly, caring and supportive. Certain staff did appear to have some knowledge gaps regarding dementia. Gave peace of mind knowing that someone else was caring for mum in our absence. A friendly kind and supportive team of staff. I will always be grateful for the help given to my wife and I over the last few years in caring for mum. Thank you.
¨¨ Being myself. Time for myself.
As we all live away from mum and she wishes to live independently, Crossroads has been invaluable in supporting us all to enable this. Crossroads is a wonderful service. All carers maintain mum’s sense of independence and all staff are so respectful of her. Enables mum to stay at home and as we live away from her we know that she is well cared for is less stressful for us. I feel that the specialised training and support that staff receive makes crossroads an exceptional service to both mum and her family.
Thanks for such a caring, responsive service. Office staff always let me know if there are any issues and we can work together to resolve problems.
“Without crossroads I do not think mum would be able to continue to live independently. Thank you all.”
Crossroads has enabled me to feel free for one day, which is appreciated. We are a married couple and have always lived together.
¨¨ We would struggle to provide the care needed and stay in full time employment without the support of Crossroads. We can go to work knowing that mum is receiving appropriate care from caring and professional individuals in a safe environment.
I can be sure that mum is okay each day.
Enables us to have 2 full days to sort out and we arrange all our appointments on these days.
“Gives Nan independence which helps with her wording.”
¨ It has given me a much needed break and most importantly my mother loves it!
¨ Being able to increase support has enabled me to go on holiday with my family. Being able to discuss things with Norma has been a huge help to me. Mum’s attendance at the trinity group also gives me a couple of hours on a Thursday to do admin/shopping/cleaning etc. I would need to think about leaving my job. If mum did not have support from crossroads (which will increase as time goes on).
¨ “I would certainly have to be thinking about where mum lives and potential moves much sooner.”
Wonderful, Crossroads were able to have my husband in extra days in day care so that I could visit the theatre at Christmas (Shrek the musical!) with the family and also spend some precious days with my daughter and grand-daughters during the school holidays.
Once I drop —– off on Friday morning – I can be me – until 3 when I collect him. I can calm my mind ( which is thinking for 2 ) and have some space – sit looking at the sea – shop for the weekend – time to call my own.
—– does require lots of support to do most things – as long as he is told how to do things i.e. sit down to eat – not wander around.
I hadn’t realised how tired I was looking after —- 24/7 the respite is energising.
I am no longer able to take —– out, so his day in the centre on a Wednesday breaks up the week for both of us.
In the last year mum’s needs have become greater so I rely on Crossroads a lot more now.
” Partly because of her deterioration in her condition and partly because of ageing mum would not be able to remain in her own home without care”.
Having extra calls to my mum enabled me to have a holiday with more peace of mind.
¨¨ ” My Gran could not live alone without the care she is receiving.”
Without the care mum gets from Crossroads I think I would be worn out by now. Certainly prevented going into residential care. I have more time for me to get used to living on my own after the death of my husband. Crossroads has enabled me to focus on my future, as I know Mum is looked after.
Allowed me relaxation time.
¨¨ Put my mind at ease in the week as I live far away. Helps keep an eye on mum as I live far away.
¨ Allows me “To have a life”
Positive impact for Mum and me in many areas – especially health, well-being, confidence for us both.
¨ Respite for Tuesdays and gives family carer respite.
Wonderful, competent and professional care workers. The ability to go away (holiday/respite) knowing that my mother is being cared for by competent professionals has been so important to my own well-being.
Please comment on your experience of Crossroads care in the home:

Comments or concerns about Crossroads care in the home:

Allows me my own life as otherwise caring would be my full time career.
Excellent care and support from Debbie. She is empathetic but also understands mum very well so persuades her to do things she won’t do for me.
The regular visits have enabled me to plan my time better to do the things I need to do e.g. appointments etc.
I can do all daily chores with ease.
Always helpful. I am very grateful to Crossroads for the help and to know there is always someone on the end of the phone.
I have not seen any negative response from my wife regarding Crossroads.
The service is excellent, Thank you.
My mother is initially resistant to assistance of any kind. She always refuses a bath, whether to be provided by a carer (Thursday) or my wife. My wife always persuades her to have one and I feel the carer needs to press her more e.g. just running the bath and telling her it’s ready. However I do understand how difficult this is. The carer’s seem to be operating two different diaries at the moment when leaving feedback. I think one of them found an older folder. It would be helpful to have it all in one place. COMMENT: This has now been rectified and one folder is now in situ.
Generally excellent or good. Had some initial confusion about ensuring Mum was taken shopping and her money, cleared up now.
Could not do without Crossroads. Can’t put it into words what a difference it’s made. Can never thank them enough, wonderful.
I can have time for myself Appointments, Shopping etc.
Time to do jobs that my husband used to do as it upsets him if he sees me doing heavy jobs i.e. Gardening, window cleaning etc.
It has been a big help.
None, well done!
I am very satisfied with the Crossroads team, staff and service and I am pretty sure my mother is. We send all our thanks and regards.
Enables me to continue working which I need to do from a financial perspective. I feel secure that most of the carers know Mum well and would contact me/put in additional care if she needed it when I’m away.
No – Thank you for all your support and for looking after —- on Fridays.
Continuity of the staff whose personalities are the most suitable to Mum makes a big difference and mean a lot to us, more peace of mind for me because they understand her needs.
With forward planning I am able to go on holiday.
In the past year when contacting the office I have occasionally spoken to Jan but mainly Sharon and Tina who have always been most helpful, always understanding, reliable and patient when listening to my difficulties and sometimes “tales of woe” regarding caring for mum – many thanks.
¨¨ I have been able to continue in employment and care for my own family (teenager). I work full time and can continue to do so. Having the service has enabled me to have peace of mind when I am in work.
I cannot fault the lovely ladies who look after mum. Every one of them that I have met have been lovely. It means that I know mum and her apartment is being looked after as I have to look after my home too.
I am very pleased with mum’s level of care and at this moment I can’t think of any.
More relaxed doing week shop and when in Day centre able to shop in Cardiff. Able to do different things other than looking after my husband.
Care plan has not been made available to me. (This has now been rectified and a care plan has been sent to this carer.)
¨¨ More feedback of visits would be helpful. (Comment made anonymously so unable to act on this)
Crossroads stands head and shoulders above other care agencies. All staff members treated my mother with care, compassion and a sense of humour.
They do the bulk of the care, I oversee. If I have problems they are always sympathetic. Better than other agencies their staff don’t seem to be under the “Time Pressures” of other agencies and my mother gets the care that I expect.
All very good. Takes pressure off in morning and evening. Good advice from Carers. Excellent social time usage – variety of tasks/visits etc.
On his days at the day centre I can go out not having to worry about leaving him.
Crossroads is an excellent care service.
A great deal – knowing someone is there to help —–, and that gives me peace of mind. Great service from crossroads would like some more help, please.
No concerns with Crossroads care. Mum enjoys dressing up getting her hairdresser to keep her appearance and looks forward to personal appearance on her day at Crossroads.
Very pleased, always willing to pass on as a recommendation to other friends needing care. Continue to keep up the good work.
We are so lucky to have such quality of care locally. By taking on roles for which I am neither trained nor emotionally capable. By reducing my stress and allowing me to deal with all my other responsibilities/activities and allow me quality time with my mother. The continuity of care workers (four at present) is hugely beneficial to us all.

Other services provided for clients by Crossroads

Gives me free time but will appreciate it more if —— could be picked up. (We are now collecting this gentleman for Men’s Group).
Time and space. Social activity, stimulation, lots of activities.
The visit my mother makes on a Saturday to Barry day care has enabled me to spend days out with my family.
My mother is socialising in a safe environment.
The respite care does help tremendously as well as helping my husband to remain cheerful.
My father had played skittles for many years, so far the Wed club has made a difference.
The staff at St John’s day centre are excellent but as soon as my dad has his lunch he wants to come home, which means I am restricted as I have to pick him up.
I know my husband is happy stimulated and respected which allows me time to be able to do things. Makes him happy and he is very chatty when he comes home.
Day centre very helpful and my relative likes going.
Time with family members and allowing me to work 10 hours a week. Gives her social interaction, a break from the home.
The Wed skittles afternoon enables my relative to have company and me to have valuable time to myself.
The crossroads worker relieves me from caring and driving. My relative enjoys male company.
The lunch club has provided a social gathering and focus for my mother. If only there were additional options available.
Not a break but good to know that my mother is enjoying herself. A focal point for her otherwise quite isolated life, hairdresser Wednesday, Lunch club Thursday. “Oh doesn’t it come around so quickly.”
Provides social interaction with other people which has positive benefits.
¨¨ My mother enjoys the company, we are reassured that she is safe and is eating meals.
It is the rest from the usual 24 hour care I usually have. He seems very happy and certainly looks forward to his days at the centre.
The two days at the day centre are valued by both of us, it gives me the break I need to carry on caring.
Gives Nan her conversations which help her with her speech and remembering words.
They allow me to catch up on everyday life at my home and Nan’s home. They allow Nan to have communication with others which helps with Nan’s illness.
Staff at St John’s day centre are always on time and very lovely, kind people.
Enables my relative to have contact with other people.
¨ It gives me some time, they enjoy the day and look forward to it. Only comment is that they have to wait sometimes to be picked up but I understand traffic etc and we are not the only ones that are going.
Enables me to work and also to spend some time doing jobs which are difficult to do when I’m with mum.
We’re a very small family so Mum gets to see and chat to others. Consistency of staff means she has built relationships with people.
I am free to go to a weekly zumba class and have days out with relatives and friends. He really enjoys going to the day centre with the “boys and girls”. It is good for him to be with other people and to take part in social activities.
The time —- attends St John’s day centre recharges my batteries to carry on caring 24/7. It’s been nice for me to speak to the staff and they reassure me that it’s okay to leave — in their care.
Time to myself – space from my caring role. It’s nice for —- to be with others and be in a group situation (socialising) and happy atmosphere. I am completely at ease leaving —- at the centre – he is so well cared for there – the staff are so kind.
I am free to benefit from exercise and fresh air. I hope it encourages her to socialise more by meeting other people.
Unfortunately mum refused to use the day care centre as it would have been good for her.
Do my own thing on the day attending the day centre.
¨¨ I was not made aware of these services.
Staff very kind and helpful.
If things need to be done in her flat I can do them on “Day Centre” days. She meets other people. Isolation is a problem for people with dementia.
Just keep up the good work.
Very good all round.
My husband enjoys his days at the day centre otherwise at home he just sits and watches tele most of the time. He is not the companion he was and sleeps a lot of the time at home.
Knowing he is cared for and enjoying himself. Caring staff, mixing with people and enjoying his time there, for instance he loves a sing song. Great!!
Mum comes home singing and much brighter mood.

Crossroads Counselling Service and Social/Support Groups for Carers

Jayne was very supportive and provided excellent advice. I found the sessions very helpful.
Cameo club wonderful. I so look forward to these meetings.
Very helpful and enjoyable. I get a lot of feedback. Nice to be in the company of people with the same problem. My relative enjoyed attending the Christmas/Easter events.
We did attend solace course last, good benefit from that.
Able to take a step back when situation is often overwhelming. Infrequent attendance but helpful.
I went to two of the four available sessions for counselling – I found them very good and I also had four sessions of reflexology – Heavenly!
It’s nice to see Mum enjoying herself with others – makes me feel good. Because of her memory loss she doesn’t remember after a little while.
Very good support. Counsellor empathetic. Also help focus on my needs as a carer, sympathetic and understanding of my situation.
¨ As well as my mum’s dementia there are many other complex issues to deal with.
I have received individual counselling which has helped me immensely. I am hoping it will help me come off my antidepressants.
Jayne has been excellent at a time when I was in despair, she helped me through it.
Solace is another group we attended, they were excellent to both —– and Myself. The information I have received is invaluable.
¨¨ I’ve only been to one carers group to date so it’s too early to tell, however I did enjoy meeting and chatting to people in a similar situation. It made me feel ‘lighter’ – that there is support for me and that I have a right to access it, even though my husband thinks it’s stupid!
Jayne is lovely and was so welcoming. I’m looking forward to my next visit.
Have had one session of counselling so far with Jayne.
I find Jayne a very caring and approachable lady. I don’t feel so isolated.
Both my husband and myself enjoyed attending. Good to meet up with other couples.
I feel I could not have managed without Jayne’s help she was great.
Jayne helped me so much by just talking, made so much difference.
¨¨ Excellent backup, feel at ease airing a difficult time with Jayne, who is a great listener and puts everything into perspective. Always feel ‘lighter’ after leaving my session and feel more able to control my emotional well being and cope better than before. Feel the difference when not able to attend as regular due to my work commitments etc: Always benefit from the sessions, always a positive and progressive experience.
¨¨ Helped me to understand both my parents as they both have different challenging levels of dementia. It helps when visits become hard work, because of their illness and not a nice experience, making you feel low and guilty. It has helped me to draw back from situations which were making me ill. I am slowly finding a happy medium in my life of work / family / care homes.
Christmas/Easter events greatly helped me with managing my time between my families and helped me not to feel guilty. It also greatly helped my dad, able to split my time around everyone and achieved a good balance, home visit and a happy memorable day.
Very much so. Made new friends. Jayne treats me like a real friend and can talk to her about anything. I look forward to all group meetings.

Are there any other services that you would like Crossroads Care in the Vale (EMI) to develop?

1. Maybe day trips.
2. This is so difficult, although my mother benefits greatly from socialising her lack of contacts and support is a great concern. She did receive weekly 1 hour visits from crossroads but she didn’t appreciate this and felt it to be an intrusion.
3. Keeping a variety of tasks and stimulating mum to participate at St Johns.
4. To continue to improve their knowledge and expertise regarding dementia sufferers.

Other agencies’ services (not Crossroads)

16 carers who returned the questionnaires had previous experience of other organisations providing a service to their dependent relative.


Questionnaires were sent to staff at Social Services and the Memory Team at Llandough Hospital, from whom we receive most of our referrals for care, also to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Comments from the professionals within the statutory services:
• “I’ve had minimal experience with Crossroads this past year. But the experience I have had has been good”
Louise McCarthy, Social Worker Vale Of Glamorgan Local Authority

• “The only problem I have experienced is lack of capacity to facilitate things. I.E. not enough staff. Speaking with the office is very easy and I can always get through to someone.” Community Mental Health Nurse, NHS/Social Services

• “Carer resources are not always available.” Matt Williams, Social Worker Vale Of Glamorgan Local Authority

• “I rarely meet care workers but hear no complaints from families” Ceri Tegwyn, Social Worker Vale of Glamorgan Local Authority

Is there anything we could be doing better?

• “More carers to improve availability for larger POC.” Louise McCarthy, Social Worker Vale Of Glamorgan Local Authority

• “Need more staff as I have a few packages of care that could really do with Crossroads delivering the care.” Community Mental Health Nurse, NHS/Social Services

• “Offer increased resource in community to all areas.”

We would welcome comments on other aspects of our services, as follows:

Day Care: St John Bungalow

• Improve Garden.
• Excellent reports from Clients.
• Family of service user that regularly goes says she enjoys her time there.
• Provides an all day, Day care facility, that enables carers to work and balance caring duties.
• All my clients who attend the day care provision enjoy their time there. Positive feedback regarding staff, food and activities.
• Transport could be more flexible.
• Day Centre for earlier onset/stage dementia that could include more social outings.

Social Groups: Luncheon clubs, afternoon groups, Men’s Group.

• Have not used this year.
• Nil experience with these.
• No current involvement.

Individual Counselling and Carers’ support/social Groups?
• Feedback from family members has been good.
• No experience with counselling or carers support groups.
• Carers are keen to go and enjoy sharing a space with their loved ones without caring for them directly and discussing issues with those in a similar position.

Is there anything we could do better concerning any other aspects of our service.
• Desperately need more staff to facilitate more packages of care.
• More!!

How do we compare with other agencies?
• “Crossroads offer additional services, such as counselling, cameo, men’s group. Crossroads focus on carer also.” Social Worker, Vale of Glamorgan Social Services Local Authority
• Much better standard of care and office practice. Much more consistency.
• And finally…..
• Clients report enjoyable experience at day centre and state that staff there are very supportive and friendly.
• Communication with the office is good as with day centre, although there has been a few incidents that did not get communicated to me, these were quite important and I found out 3rd hand. Generally good, though lack of staff to deliver flexibility with packages of care is a problem. Maybe grow the service more.
• Carry on the good work.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the care team, the counsellor, the office staff and not least, all the highly valued care workers, I would like to extend my thanks to all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire. Your comments are greatly appreciated and enable the service to underpin the positive aspects of our work and reflect on a few areas where we can make improvements.

Fiona Guthrie
Scheme Manager (CEO)

The full report with tables and graphs is available in a Word document by clicking on this link: SATISFACTION questionnaire 2016