Day Centre

Crossroads Care in the Vale runs St John Day Centre at Barry Island which is open 6 days of the week Monday to Saturday.

Crossroads Care day centresThe centre offers social interaction for clients suffering from dementia. Minibuses transport people to and from their homes, and trained care workers are always on hand to offer assistance and ensure the clients’ safety and wellbeing.

Cooked lunch and afternoon tea are provided, and clients have the option of taking part in a wide range of activities which can provide much-needed stimulation.

Day centre attendance also enables many people with dementia to continue living in the community for longer than would otherwise be possible.

As well as being beneficial for clients, day centre provision enables their carers to take a break from their caring role and catch up on shopping, keep appointments,  meet with friends, or simply get some sleep.

Sons and daughters of those with care needs may be able to continue in employment rather than having to give up their job to care for a loved one.

If you would like more information about the Crossroads Care day centre, please telephone (029) 2070 0057.